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Frenchette :: New York

Voted one of the best new restaurants in America for 2018, Frenchette in NYC’s Tribeca neighborhood, showcases its talent by bringing back some nostalgic comfort as well as a mix of modern French cuisine.

The Restaurant Commandments by Alan Richman

Loving Alan Richman’s 30 commandments for making restaurants—and any dining-out experience—better in GQ. Spot on! Check them out here.

Brava :: Miami

Every dish at Chef Brad Kilgore’s Brava in Miami is like a work of art. The menu is unique and authentic with elevated presentations, and the design is elegant with a sophisticated ambiance.

Sadelle’s :: Soho, New York

This may be a Jewish inspired restaurant but you don’t have to be Jewish to enjoy it, as witnessed by the crowds lining up to get in on the weekend. Make sure you reserve well in advance as this is probably one of the hottest brunch tickets in New York right now. It has a trendy vibe, with a young handsome crowd and solid food offerings.

Hamilton on Broadway :: New York

If you are visiting New York and you have a chance to see one Broadway play, I highly recommend Hamilton. It will blow you away!

The Polo Bar :: New York

One of the hardest tables to book in New York last year was the Polo Bar on 1 East 55th st.
We were happy to grab a 10:30 pm reservation, which worked out perfectly after our Broadway play. As you descend down the stairs into the dining room everyone turns to see who is entering this ” clubby” restaurant.