One of my favorite restaurants, Eating House, closed about one and a half years ago. In my mind it was time. It was like a treasured couch that has become tired and worn, it was difficult to part with but it was time. So imagine my excitement when I heard they opened a new and improved location at 128 Giralda Avenue, in Coral Gables. The same chef, Giorgio Rapicavoli, and his partners Alexander Casanova and Laura Faraci have opened their larger, sleek new restaurant, steps away from their sister restaurant Luca Osteria. This open 3,300 sq. ft. space can now hold 164 patrons. It has a beautiful L-shaped bar with a living wall above it, and they now offer a private dining room in the back that can seat about 25 patrons. White walls, warm lighting, lofty industrial ceilings, and black accents of tables, chairs, mirrors and trims made for a modern, chic décor. There are also floor-to-ceiling windows that can fully open onto a bustling courtyard. 

The chef has taken his whimsical menu and made it more sophisticated whilst still utilizing unusual and unexpected combinations that work in most cases. We began with incredible Parker house rolls in a brown butter sauce. Next up, a mix of raw and cooked Brussels sprout dish in a miso Caesar, Parmesan Reggiano topping which was fabulous! The crispy potatoes under a whipped Gruyère cheese with slow-cooked sweet onions were reminiscent of an amazing onion soup. With the sea scallops in a creamed coconut curry with lime being our only disappointment. The scallops were also a touch too undercooked and the sauce was too sour. The Amish chicken two ways was much better. One was deep-fried and the other piece wood-fired. Both were fabulous renditions. There were three dessert options but we couldn’t pass up on the ‘dirt cup’. This was served at their original restaurant, but this time around the filling uses candied hazelnuts, dark chocolate, and chocolate cream and is topped with chopped Oreo cookies. Needless to say, we were very pleased. 

This new space has a full bar, offering specialty cocktails, some impressive wine options and a beer program. The majority of wines are Californian, with selections from Italy, Spain, France, Chile, Argentina, and South Africa.

Chef Giorgio, born and raised in Miami, infuses his Argentinian and Italian heritage into his food. He continues to push the boundaries of his menu creations with an ever-changing eclectic selection of small plates and entrées. 

You may need to wear earplugs when you dine here as it has a high-energy vibe, but if you are like me, you will find it worth it for the creative and tantalizing mix and interplay of brilliant dishes. 

Recommend. Happy dining,



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