One of the most talked about new restaurants in Miami is Klaw Restaurant, located at 1737 North Bayshore Drive. The restaurant is featured inside the historic Women’s Club, in Edgewater, built in 1925 and right on Biscayne Bay. I’m warning you now, it’s not easy to find the entrance. We ended up parking on the street and wandering around till we saw a large parking lot with valet parking up front. 

Another warning, if you come here to dine, be prepared to drop some serious money at this opulent, 15,000 square foot steak and seafood establishment. Thank goodness the food and service for the most part warranted these ridiculous prices. 

After arriving at the check in desk on the main floor, and viewing the enormous display fridges with every deluxe cut of beef you can imagine, you take a gold elevator up to the third floor. This vast restaurant has a tall two story ceiling, with Colonial arched windows looking out onto the bay. Wood, lighted cabinets, leather chairs, table linen, separate seating areas to divide the room and a lovely private room that can seat around 20 people. The kitchen is on the 5th floor and on the sixth floor the bespoke tanks are located where the Norwegian crabs live right up until the time they are ordered. There is a bar and spectacular covered outdoor terrace for dining with a view too. 

When you open the menu you will see just what I mean by the hefty prices. Steaks range from $100- over $400, and the minimum order of Norwegian King crab is $125 a pound and they weigh about 4 pounds plus. You do the math. The good thing is they are spectacular, probably the best crab you might ever eat. Large, enough to feed 4-5 people, tender, juicy, and utterly delicious. 

We started with some appetizers, not all were great. I actually sent back my grouper ceviche for being too fishy. My crab tacos were a better bet. They have the nerve to charge $35 for ONE scallop! Really? The salmon dish that our waiter recommended was just okay. Actually, our salad was the best of the bunch, it was very good.

We ordered a four pound ten ounce crab, which was out of this world. It isn’t because it was prepared in a special way, but because it was exceptional because it was fresh and they didn’t mess around with any fancy techniques. It was cracked open tableside and served with an optional thick lemon and garlic sauce. The sides were all good, including some delicious hand cut crunchy steak fries. Some heirloom carrots and some Japanese eggplant Asian style. We didn’t order a steak but they were all dry aged in house for about 30 days, and patrons said they were very tender and delicious. 

Their beverage program has about 250 old and new world selections, plus a custom cocktail program with updated versions of classic drinks. We brought our own wine. The charge was $75 a bottle with a two bottle limit, if they don’t carry that wine. 

The dessert options are limited, with 5 choices plus a cheese plate. We went with something called ‘the candy bar’, made up of chocolate mousse, miso dulce de leche, Oreo and a side of vanilla ice cream. 

Klaw Restaurant just might be Miami’s best surf and turf dinner if you can swallow the gut wrenching prices. 


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