Miami recently got a California import at 4525 Collins Avenue, in the Eden Roc Hotel. Actually, Malibu Farm is not located in the hotel but rather down by the beach, facing the Atlantic Ocean. A lovely whitewashed setting, with wooden tables and cozy banquets, a wooden deck, a retractable roof, and views overlooking the expansive beach, and blue waters. They also have locations in Malibu, Newport Beach and Lanai. I have had numerous sources tell me the food is at a different level in California.

The concept is farm to table, fresh organic and food sourced locally where possible. This is a place that actually makes healthy food that tastes good as well as look appealing.
Even the cocktails are made with fresh tropical juices. And they they know how to make a proper frosé here!

It is a large space to fill, with 150-160 seats. There is also an attractive inside area, where the pizza ovens are located, but no one seems to ever want to sit inside. I even went on a rainy night, and still everyone chose a table out on the deck. They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner, and I can see the appeal of a daytime meal, where the views are more impressive. 
Some of the standout dishes are the crudité platter, the avocado pizza with a sweet honey crust, the cauliflower crust pizza, and the large miso shrimp that can feed 2-3 people. The first time I dined there, the avocado pizza had a lovely presentation as you can see from my photo. The next time I ordered the same dish and the avocado was thrown on haphazardly and less generously. They cook with lots of fresh herbs, and most dishes are bright and vibrant. The prices are on the high side for this type of place. Five adults and 3 young children (there is a special children’s menu) and the bill came to $500. But it is a delightful spot for a leisurely meal. There are lots of healthy, vegan and vegetarian options as well as good burgers and meat and fish choices.

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