After dining out at numerous restaurants in 2022, consuming all types of food from pizza to burgers to special occasion meals. I have come out with my Miami favorites, the best of the best list. Some suggestions are new, and some are tried and true. I even included a list that I still have on my radar but haven’t been to yet.

Happy Dining, Shanea

My tried and tested in no particular order are as follows:

  1. Stubborn Seed: Chef Jeremy Ford just earned his first Michelin star at his seasonal American eatery.
  2. Boia De: Casual Michelin star American cooking and Italian inspired restaurant.
  3. Mamey: Inspired by Chef Niven Patels travels through Asia, Polynesia and the Caribbean.
  4. Ghee Indian Kitchen: chef Niven Patel again, cooking amazing contemporary Indian fare.
  5. Lion and the Rambler: Seasonal menu of modern American cuisine by chef Michael Bolen, sourced from the best farmers and purveyors in the country.
  6. Motek: A family favorite, serving Israeli/Mediterranean breakfast, lunch and dinner
  7. Klaw: May be your most expensive meal in Miami but may also be one of your best if you order the Norwegian king crab claws
  8. Cote: Michelin star Korean steakhouse.
  9. The Surf Club: Chef Thomas Keller’s Michelin star classic American eatery.
  10. Uchi: Award winning Japanese restaurant.
  11. Zitz Sum: Michelin star, casual Chinese restaurant with Korean, Japanese, and other Asian influences. Great dim sum.
  12. Avra: One of my favorite New York seafood/Greek restaurants opened at the Estates of Acqualina.
  13. Leku: Basque fine dining at the Rubell Museum.
  14. LPM: Upscale French-Mediterranean food.
  15. Cipriani: Chic scene, serving Italian food and Bellinis.
  16. Toscana Divino: Authentic Tuscan dishes by chef Andrea Marchesin.
  17. El Bagel: It is takeout only, but they have Miami’s best hand rolled bagels and toppings.
  18. Fiola: Upscale Michelin starred Italian eatery.
  19. Kyu: An Oldie but a goodie, wood fired Asian grill (closed temporarily for renovations).
  20. La Wagyeria: a unique invitation only steak concept, open once or twice a week. Try it!
  21. Contessa: Yet another restaurant opens by the Major Food Group (Carbone, Sadelles, ZZ’S), old world American/Italian.
  22. Jaguar Sun: eclectic cocktails, pastas and small plates in a cosy atmosphere.
  23. L’Atelier de Joel Robuchon: Miami’s only 2 star Michelin that I have been coming to since opening night, with their modern French menu, amazing breads and fabulous tasting menu. You can also order a la carte.
  24. Silverlake Bistro: When I want a great burger, or American comfort food, this is the place, by my friends, Chef Ben and front of the house, wife Sandy.
  25. Fresca Francesa: intimate French Bistro, serving the classics, also by chef Ben and Sandy.
  26. Tur: Mediterranean, contemporary Kitchen.
  27. La Natural: serving the best sourdough pizza and a vegetarian menu, with a Bib Gourmand rating to boot
  28. Sexy Fish: It’s loud, its bold, its expensive and it is mostly delicious Japanese food
  29. Mr. Omakase: my go to place for reasonable, great quality Omakase.
  30. Sushi By Scratch: more expensive Omakase, the jury is still out on it.
  31. Osaka: Nikkei cuisine, merging Peruvian and Japanese foods.
  32. Niu Kitchen: Catalan small tapas plates.
  33. Drinking Pig BBQ: Saturdays and Sundays have a great picnic dinner at the chef’s house, or order takeout.
  34. Red Rooster: Southern comfort soul food by chef Marcus Samuelsson.
  35. Carbone: American-Italian upscale neighborhood gem
  36. Perl: My go to neighborhood restaurant by Chef IP, serving Mediterranean cuisine with Japanese and Latin influences
  37. Ferraro’s Kitchen: Venetian Italian dishes by chef Igor
  38. Via Emilia 9: Food from the Emilia Romagna region, with wonderful homemade pastas by chef Wendy
  39. Wabi Sabi: offers the freshest sushi donburi bowls, plus sushi and sashimi, but I do miss Chef Shuji Hiyakawa.
  40. Burger and Shakes: Try their grilled chicken breast topped with swiss cheese, applewood bacon, avocado, fresh tomato and baby arugula. I order sweet potato fries on the side.
  41. Café La Trova: a Cuban spot by chef Michelle Bernstein that is fun for the whole family.


                    On My Radar, and trying soon!

  1. Marigold’s Brasserie: By chef Brad Kilgore
  2. Gibson Room
  3. Krus Kitchen
  4. Offsite
  5. Miami Slice
  6. QP Tapas
  7. Over Under
  8. Sour Seed Bagel
  9. Vinya Table
  10. El Secreto
  11. Lil Greenhouse
  12. Brasserie Laurel: by chef Michael Beltran.
  13. Jont: a 2 star Michelin restaurant coming to Ft. Lauderdale.
  14. Walrus Rodeo: from the people who earned a Michelin star at Boia De, they will feature Italian Inspired cuisine and wood fire pizza.



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