Love, love, love! I am in love, enamored, and all-of-the-above, with a little gem of a store located at 202 Mott Street in Nolita, New York called Stick With Me Sweets.

Susanna Yoon, the Chef/Owner was formerly the Head Chocolatier of Thomas Keller’s famed and prestigious, Per Se, also in New York. She left in 2013 to start her own business. The next year she opened Stick With Me Sweets. She was recently honored by Dessert Professional Magazine as one of the top chocolatiers in North America. She turns out the most gorgeous bonbons and packages them up in these unique boxes that actually look like a book, which you can reuse to store items after you finished with your chocolates.

Everything in the shop is made in house – you can view the kitchen through a glass window and see the work first hand. I was told it is a three-day process to make the bonbons. They are the most beautifully hand-painted chocolates I have ever seen. They are almost too pretty to eat … notice I said, “almost” …
Yoon uses the best ingredients for these pieces of art, like fresh milk and cream, and nuts from local farmers. Then she buys Valrhona chocolate from France, cinnamon from Tahiti and vanilla from Vietnam. Each piece is meticulously decorated by hand. When I say they look like works of art, they literally are. Some of the techniques used are splatter painting, airbrushing and thumb strokes. They are all hand-crafted in small batches and are seriously delicious, with intense flavours. Many of the centres are layered inside the shell giving you different textures and flavours in each bite. As you can imagine, these beauties do not come cheap. Individually they are $3.50 each, with a box of six at the price of $25, $49 for twelve, and $88 for a box of twenty-four. They are so glossy and shiny, each piece is something to behold. There are 24 unique rotating flavours. To give you some examples, they offer: s’mores, peanut butter and jelly, black sesame and passion fruit, bourbon with maple pecan, vanilla custard, caramelized banana, creamsicle, matcha green tea, liquid salted caramel, meringue pie, chocolate covered pretzel stick in a peanut butter ganache, and so on. Plus there are limited additions and specialty chocolates for holidays.

Stick With Me SweetsChef Susanna also makes mini-cakes, custom cakes, hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows, nougats, caramels, and truffles. Everything looks fabulous. These all make wonderful gifts and come in beautiful packaging. The staff is knowledgeable and helpful if you are indecisive.

They are creating some of the City’s most impressive new sweets. Places like this make New York SO special. Be still my heart.
Open daily from 10am-9pm.

Highly recommended.

Happy, Happy Savouring,


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