Stubbe Chocolates is located at 653 Dupont Street. They have just celebrated 20 years in the business in Toronto. Even more incredible, this has been a family business since 1845 originating in Northern Germany, and has laid the foundation for six generations of pastry and chocolate making. The company moved to Canada in 1989, and the new generations passion has continued with boutique shops in Toronto and Ottawa. Daniel Stubbe runs the shop and can often be seen in the open kitchen in the back preparing his delicacies.

The shop provides the city with specialty truffles, chocolates, pastries, wedding and celebration cakes, catering events as well as workshops for adults and children. They use European recipes from the finest ingredients from around the world. For instance, they get their chocolate from Belgium, France, Switzerland, as well as Tanzania, Ecuador, Venezuela, Columbia, Trinidad and so on. Everything is made on the premises and they let me tour their spotless kitchen in the back.

There is a wide range of truffle flavours like apricot, amaretto, banana rum, blood orange, caramel, cassis, chili, Cointreau, Irish coffee, kir royale, peach, raspberry, dark, champagne and so on. They also have a wide selection of chocolate bars, gift boxes that are preselected or you can customize them yourself, as well as chocolate covered fruits and theme gifts for all occasions. You can customize just about anything in chocolate. This really is a gourmet chocolate house. It is a rarity in Toronto to find German style tortes and pastries as well.

As soon as you walk in the store the heavenly aroma of chocolate assaults your senses, it is just so intoxicating.

They are gearing up for Mother’s Day now, but there always seems to be a gorgeous seasonal display inside.

Stubbe’s create some of Toronto’s best chocolates by pairing good chocolate with traditional and non traditional flavours. You can taste the quality and craftsmanship in every bite. Indulge or buy someone a gift, you’ll thank me later.


Happy dining,

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