Miami constantly has new restaurants popping up all over town, but not all are memorable or worthy of a second visit; until now. Housed inside a strange choice, The Carillon Wellness Resort in Miami is a hidden den. An 18-seat, tasting-only, fine dining establishment, Tambourine Room. Located at 6801 Collins Avenue, make your way to the bar where you check in with the hostess, who then escorts you to a locked door. Once open, you step inside a beautifully appointed, intimate dining room. The room has transformed into a modern, handsome, private oasis, with teal blue leather, and cream, gold, and silver accents. Custom large oak tables that are the opposite of the typical cramped ones in most establishments. A brick-shaped tiled mirrored wall and sleek, modern circular chandeliers compliment the glamorous room. 

The tables are well-spaced and private. There is a high staff-to-guest ratio, and we thought the service was thoughtful and professional throughout our evening. 

There are two seating’s, a 3-course dinner at 6pm and a 6-course dinner served at 8:30pm. The menu rotates every 2-3 months. Our three-course meal had quite a few additions and surprises and was priced at $140. There was an additional $55 wine pairing, or you can opt for wine or champagne by the glass. The 6-course tasting menu was offered at $215, with an accompanying wine pairing at $135, if you so choose.

The tasting menus are created by Michelin Star Chef, Tristan Brandt. He is deemed a spectacular culinary visionary whose signature is modern French cuisine with contemporary Asian influences. He also oversees the culinary operations of this new dining concept. He has an impressive resume, with a 2-star restaurant in Germany and a 1-star restaurant in Switzerland. He has assembled a world-class team to run his restaurant, even though he often comes back and forth to Miami. His chef de cuisine is Timo Steuging from Germany, alongside excellent French pastry chef Logan Seibert. Local and seasonal ingredients are carefully selected from farms around south Florida. 

We began with a couple of outstanding amuse-bouches, followed by a sensational combination of dishes. Everything was perfectly prepared and showcased the kitchen’s talents. Chef Tristan Brandt also offered two signature dishes. His famous beef tartare with cream fraiche (covered in caviar for an additional $140) or his homemade pasta with truffles and Parmesan for an additional $85. We tried the pasta, which was expertly cooked and a real standout. It was rich, sumptuous, and large enough to share for two people. The kitchen will also work around food allergies or restrictions if given notice. 

There are no cocktails served, only wine, as the chef believes the tasting menus are best enjoyed with wine. But if you must have a cocktail, there is a bar outside the dining room, and I suggest you order one and bring it inside with you (You didn’t hear that from me). 

I have a discerning palate and am not easily impressed, but I have to say that Tambourine Room exceeded my expectations. From the quality of ingredients to the presentations of the artfully plated dishes, to the gracious service, and ultimately to the food that seduced me. I was joyfully humbled by the experience. 

Highly recommended.

Happy dining,



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