I have walked by this restaurant a million times but never thought about giving it a try. But since we are going to India we thought we would have a refresher course in Indian food.

Ustav is located at 60 Yorkville Ave; downstairs in a small, clean room, just past Pusateri’s. The food seemed quite authentic and the staff was helpful with good suggestions. There is no beef on the menu but there are many vegetarian, chicken, lamb and seafood choices. We enjoyed Shrimp cooked with mushrooms, tomatoes and onions, I thought there could be more shrimp and less mushrooms in this dish. Then we had vegetable basmati rice, quite good but spicy, chicken tikka masala, which was chicken marinated in yogurt, herbs and spices. We asked for some yogurt to help with the spice and it did the trick. We also had Aloo Gobi which was a cauliflower and potato dish with tomatoes and spices which was very good. We also had an order of Nan bread.

There were a lot of other interesting choices, but how much could two people eat. The food was good, freshly made and the prices are quite reasonable. They do take out as well, and they have a take out only spot very nearby.

For people in the Yorkville area, it is a convenient spot and worth a try.

Happy dining,

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