On September 12th, internationally renowned artist, philanthropist, and entrepreneur, Peter Tunney opened his first exhibit in Toronto. He brought 55 new pieces of his art and also created live art right on the streets of Toronto outside of 128 Peter Street. This all happened during TIFF, and at a great reception with canapés, drinks and live music, which was held by the Producer’s Ball and American Express Centurion, in support of Artists for Peace and Justice. 50% of all proceeds from sales of Peter’s work went back to APJ.

For three decades Peter Tunney has crisscrossed the globe, amassing a wealth of experience, both humorous and harrowing, and has emerged as an artist with a message. He is a dedicated explorer as our cultural lexicon, and assembles words and collages to allow these messages to take shape. Peter brings art and life to everything and everyone he encounters. His works uses images from newspapers, books, magazines and he reinterprets them in his own unique perspective. He also uses optimistic quotes and phrases painted over headlines as an attack on fear in our culture.

Peter is an active member of Artists for Peace and Justice. He believes that art can act as a force for good in the service of social change and in the support of numerous philanthropic causes.

He currently living and making art in his two studios in New York and Miami. In fact, Peter was the first artist to be represented and have a studio by the Wynwood Walls in Miami.

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