Sukkari dates are considered the queen of dates. They are known for their golden, soft, melt in your mouth goodness. They never need to be soaked as they are harvested before they become a dry date. They are known for their dessert-like sweetness. Dates are a healthier dessert as they have high levels of soluble fibre for balanced digestion. They also contain minerals for bone health, vitamins and potassium for brain health, plus they are high in anti oxidants and vitamin C.

In the brand new Saks on Queen Street in Toronto, Pusateri’s Fine Foods has just opened a 25,000 square foot luxury food hall with all kinds of exciting new concepts. The counter that caught my eye was Daits Bar. Pusateri’s has opened a counter serving these delectable Saudi dates adorned with gourmet toppings and fillings. These dates are handpicked and unlike anything you have seen or tasted. There are about a variety of 15 types on their menu, plus they are trying new ones each day. I love the cute name they give to all the different dates. For instance they serve “Be Dazzled”, which is a date stuffed with almonds, drizzled in dark chocolate, then sprinkled with sea salt. Or “Play Dait”, a date stuffed with marshmallows then dipped in chocolate and coated with crumbled graham crackers. The “Royal” is stuffed with pecans, half dipped in dark chocolate then finished with a delicate 24k gold leaf. Other ingredients can be peanut butter, pistachios, ginger, tahini, walnuts, pretzels, cayenne pepper, and so on. The “Blind Date” is a limited edition flavour created each month by their in-house pastry chef.

These little beauties sell for two for $6, six for $17, twelve for $34, or a box of sixteen for $45.

The dates are filled and coated daily, and so they are always super fresh.

Daits Bar is a new, truly unique food experience in Toronto. The dates are not only attractive looking, but feature a dynamic variety of notable flavour combinations.

Treat yourself or someone special.

Highly Recommended.


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