A new fuss-free restaurant/takeout has made its debut in Toronto’s Yorkville area. Pi Co. is Yorkville’s new grab-and-go place in the Bay and Bloor area at 1200 Bay Street. The location is tiny, with only a handful of tables, more of a takeout spot. They offer quality, made-to-order Neapolitan style pizza with a quick service experience. The pies are cooked in a 1,000 degree Marra Forni oven and is ready in 90 seconds. You can go with their classic Margherita pie at $9, or you can order to your liking, choosing the type of dough, sauce, cheese and unlimited toppings for $13. There is pesto sauce, white sauce, and two types of red sauce. There are toppings like peppers, pepperoni, mushrooms, arugula, chicken and various cheeses. I’m told they will soon be offering gluten-free options as well. Pi Co. also serves sweet pies with Nutella peanut butter, chocolate or apple. You can customize by adding candy, fruit, nuts, or marshmallows.

If you want something lighter, you can try a build your own salad with a choice of two proteins, or cheese, plus greens, and things like chicken, olives, cucumbers, beets, nuts, quinoa, and hard boiled eggs. The price is $6 for a side salad and $12 for a main.

The verdict? Not bad. Because the pizzas are small and thin it seems they have a tendency to become cold by the time you get it back to your home or workplace. But the dough is quite good and blistered from the hot oven. I actually preferred the small bite pie. I had mine with goat cheese, walnut and honey. It had a thicker, softer crust and was very tasty, at a $6 price point. It is more of a snack than a meal.

I think they will do very well at this spot and I predict this will be the first of many locations.

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