I have been visiting Capri for over 25 years in a row, and one of my favourite shops is 100% Capri. It is a luxury lifestyle brand shop owned, run and designed by my friend Antonio Aiello. He is suave, charming and multi-talented. His luxe brand of stores is now becoming a worldwide chain with locations in the poshest of places including St. Bart’s, the Graff Estate in Cape Town, Dubai, Rome, Mykonos, Florence, Beverly Hills and Bal Harbour to date.

His shops are all stunningly designed with intricate wooden slatted walls, soft lighting, leather and wooden floors, fresh flowers, and sandy colours. I would love to decorate my own condo in this style.
Tony offers luxury clothing, including shoes, sandals, hats and belts for men, women and children. The clothes are made of lightweight linen of the finest cloth, most of it hand stitched in Sorrento, Italy. It is very clean and crisp looking. And, if you happen to walk into one of Tony’s shops he will literally take the shirt right off your back and iron it for you, I kid you not. Most of the clothes are in white, but over the years he has introduced some colours to his line, like taupe, chocolate, blue, khaki, and a hint of red. Linen is cooler and more absorbent than cotton and that makes it perfect for warm climates.

On top of this, he introduced a gorgeous home decor line several years ago. Everything from bedsheets, tablecloths, napkins, pjs and bathrobes and leather accessories. I am most fond of his beautiful Murano glassware that he designs and manufactures. The pieces are so delicate and handsome.
Antonio sees his product as a lifestyle brand. He has legions of fans to prove it. He will literally have yachts stop by one of his island stores to pick up some perfect beach ware. Even his shopping bags are 100% linen and are highly coveted. He ships worldwide.

You can look great from head-to-toe and have wonderful accessories in your home or yacht. 100% Capri is the epitome of casual elegance.

Highly recommended.


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