The ice cream wars are in full swing now that summer is here. Celebrating their second season is a new contender called Booyah, located at 16A Vaughan Rd, south of St. Clair. This was an interesting choice for a location as it is one block south of the very popular Dutch Dreams.

The shop has a wide selection of flavours and toppings. Flavours such as: birthday cake, chocolate chip cookie dough, cinnamon toast crunch, salty caramel, blueberry cheesecake, grape nut, moose tracks and toasted marshmallow, to name a few. They say they specialize in gourmet ice cream, but note, they don’t make the ice cream themselves but outsource it to Kawartha Dairy. The shop is on the small side, but clean, modern, and the staff is very friendly. There is only a small amount of seating inside and a couple of benches outside. I didn’t notice a garbage can nearby for your trash, but that may be a city issue. What I don’t like is not being able to see the ice cream. It is scooped in the back of the shop. Personally, I like to see my ice cream so I can make a proper choice. As with the latest craze in ice cream, they serve the ice cream with all the bells and whistles. Homemade cookie sandwiches, half or full cookie, sweet pockets, with your choice of ice cream served in a sugar or cinnamon bun, ice cream tacos, soft serve, milkshakes, smoothies, as well as coffee and teas.

The cookies are flat and not that appealing but there are some gluten-free choices. The taco shells made in-house are too delicate to hold a few scoops and they break apart and things become very messy. The ice cream is average and the soft serve was grainy and not creamy. There was no wow factor.

The ice cream and cookies are better and Bang Bang and Bakerbots, as well as Red Bench and, the now closed, Moo Milk Bar.

Unfortunately, I was underwhelmed – I found their product average. But it is an alternative when you don’t want to wait in a long line at Dutch Dreams.

Happy dining,

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