In the whitewashed luxury temple of hotel Borgo Egnazia in Puglia, you will find an array of 6 restaurants. One of these happen to have a Michelin star and is called Due Camini. The restaurant has a beautiful setting, with hand-sewn ceramics, raw fabrics, hanging lanterns, chandeliers of upside-down wine bottles, ladders set against the walls, straw bags hanging on chairs, baskets of vegetables at each table, all rooted in Puglian tradition. It is a haven of candlelight and linen. With warm romantic lighting, you can choose to eat inside or on the candlelight terrace overlooking the pools. The restaurant offers an ideal chance to appreciate the Italian atmosphere and flair that is unique to the rural and romantic area of the Puglia region.

Receiving a complete renovation of the restaurant and kitchen, Due Camini received 1 star by Michelin in 2018.

Executive Chef Domingo Schingaro’s cuisine is deeply rooted in Puglia and Mediterranean culture. He uses simple ingredients, 95% coming from the area. The property has its own farm and grows much of the produce, where for example, they have 30 kinds of tomatoes and 10 kinds of artichokes, plus, the Adriatic Sea is a stones throw away. Using local ingredients, top quality produce and the chef’s creative touch, you will have a unique culinary experience.

You can select from tasting menus or a la carte. Everything is made on the premises. The bread is particularly delicious in this part of Italy, as is the olive oil. The resort is surrounded by farms and olive orchards. They offer an olive oil selection at dinner, from smooth to spicy and they were outstanding. Everything is served on custom made plates. Two of the courses were served on puzzle plates that were then assembled together. The amuse course came together as a map of Puglia. Considering Puglia is in a poor, rustic part of Italy their cuisine is very rich and this area is called the bread basket of Italy. The hotel has put Puglia on the map among celebrities, and the affluent.

The service, for the most part, was meticulous and the food indulgent. It really was something I was not expecting in this region. Although there was a strong emphasis on traditional local cuisine, Due Camini was definitely a gastronomic experience on every level.

The mostly Italian wine list was chosen with care.
The final course is taken in the new innovative and immaculate kitchen. Here you get a chance to meet the shy chef and his staff. The pastry chef will create your tailor-made dessert in front of your eyes and you get to devour it there.

I am still a fan of the simple Osteria or Trattoria, but Due Camini is perfect for a special celebration, a romantic meal or a gourmet treat. And, you will experience contemporary techniques and dishes that have a history of culinary traditions, re-created in a cutting-edge environment of the chef’s childhood food memories and heritage. Here his recipes reflect the robustness of the region, fertile land of ingredients and the passion of his inspirations.


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