A trend that is popular in Japan is a fluffy soufflé pancake. In May 2018, Fuwa Fuwa was born at 408 College Street West, by owners Yuka Naka of Osaka and partner Benson Lau. These pancakes are traditionally served in Japan after a wedding, to symbolize good fortune and happiness. Fuwa Fuwa translates to, “fluffy fluffy”. What a perfect name.

This tiny twenty-seat restaurant has no reservations and continual lineups. We waited for about 20 minutes in line, and another twenty minutes at our table after ordering. Sometimes patience pays off with a big reward. After all, everything is made to order and comes hot and fresh to your table.

This tiny, clean minimalist decor, done in whites, blond wood and yellow accent, has an open kitchen where you can see the preparation. They use organic eggs and milk. They separate the eggs and whip the egg whites, then gently stir them into the thick batter. This creates the texture of a soufflé. The pancakes have a similar texture to their Japanese cheesecake, minus the cheese. The pancake is also not too sweet and relies on the toppings to give the perfect balance.

They have a decent system. We were given a menu while waiting in line. By the time we got to the front we were ready to order, were given a number and then tried to grab some empty seats. There were six versions available, from things like the classic served with butter and maple syrup, to tiramisu, and the ever-popular creme brûlée, or a matcha and red bean. You can get toppings of fruit, ice cream or whipped cream. Take your pictures quickly before the pancakes start to deflate. No need for a knife, the pancakes are as light as air. They also serve, coffees, teas, and a delightful detox water, that looks like a sangria, but is alcohol and sugar-free. Instead, it is steeped for eight hours with mixed fruit.

This Japanese trend is quickly gaining a following in Toronto, witnessed by the long lines and Instagram pictures.

Fuwa Fuwa is whipping up some airy, jiggly, delicate and tasty delights.


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