Located inside the captivating Desert Botanical Gardens At 1201 North Galvin Parkway in Phoenix, is Gertrude’s restaurant. Known for its seasonally inspired cooking and combining American favourites and flavours from around the globe. The restaurant is situated in a beautiful oasis-like garden setting. It is a full-service restaurant with indoor and outdoor patio seating. The restaurant is named for the founder of the Botanical Gardens, Gertrude Divine. They use local producers, growers and artisans from around Arizona and the Southwest.

If you are visiting the Gardens, or coming for a musical concert or a ballet performance, then dining here, just from a convenience standpoint, should be pleasing. But if I’m being honest there were quite a few misfires. I also found the food to be heavy. Things were either deep fried or in a thick sauce. I would have liked to see more healthy choices on the mains. Perhaps some grilled fish or meats. The famous Korean chicken, had a thick, hard crispy exterior and was heavy on the sauce. The wild boar tacos were tough, dried out and too chewy. The plate was very beige and brown, and could have used some colourful garnish. They put more of an effort into the beverage program.

There are no bathrooms located at the restaurant and you have to go outside to use the public ones.

In my opinion, I wouldn’t make a special trip here unless I happen to be visiting the gardens.

Happy dining,

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