On the second floor, located in an old colonial building, with arched windows and great views looking out to the picturesque Plaza de Armas, is where you will find the restaurant Limo.

The menu is Japanese/Peruvian and is probably the best sushi, sashimi, tiraditos, and seafood in this neck of the woods – don’t forget there is a large Japanese community here. However, you can’t go with high expectations, after all, you are in the mountains, not near any body of water.

There are also traditional things like lots of potatoes, but adding a modern twist by adding crab, avocado, wasabi or salmon. There is also local plantains, guinea pig, and grilled alpaca on the menu as well. The menu is large which is always a red flag for me.

The chef is Coque Ossio, who runs several other restaurants.

The food is ok, but what you are going here for is the view, the ambiance, the Pisco sours, and the chill out music. Beautiful day or night, and one of the town’s better dining options.

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