At Madame Hien Restaurant one of Hanoi’s most celebrated chefs, Didier Corlou, is turning out some elegant versions of traditional Hanoi street food. His son who is managing the restaurant says his father is paying tribute to matriarchs everywhere. He also has another place he owns in Hanoi called Verticale, which is more French fusion. Located at 15 Chan Cam Street in historic colonial villa with a lovely outdoor terrace, Madame Hien, is the French chef’s tribute to his adopted country’s cuisine and his grandmother-in-law.

Home-style chic, set in a former Spanish embassy designed by the chief architect of the Hanoi Opera House, you can relax in a cozy, authentic, and beautifully restored, two-story space, decorated with yellow walls, greenery, and red lanterns. In good weather it is preferable to sit at the downstairs terrace, but there is also outdoor space upstairs as well.

We dined there for dinner and brunch as well. From the prawn and mango rolls, to the soft shell crab, to the duck three ways, as well as the fried rice with prawn and a fried egg, we felt the menu transported us to the food of a typical Vietnamese home. Dishes are hearty, and presented nicely, with warm, efficient and informative service.

The prices are reasonable for Western standards, and the food served is one of Hanoi’s best options.

Happy Dining,

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