I scream, you scream, we all scream for rice cream. No that wasn’t a typo, Greenwich Village has a great rice pudding store. It reminds you of a gelato store except they serve rice pudding. This cute, spotless, brightly lit store with quirky drawings on the wall served some pretty unbelievable pudding.

They offer about 20 flavours that rotate daily. Fifteen are classic flavours and five are seasonal, plus an additional 8 gluten free and vegan options. Some of the flavours include things like French vanilla, cookies and cream, mocha, baci tiramisu, rocky road, s’mores and banana toffee. To give you an idea, some of the seasonal flavours could be pumpkin or gingerbread or caramel apple.

You can get toppings such as; fresh fruit, toasted coconut, oreo, chocolate chips, granola, graham crackers, roasted mixed nuts. If you can’t make up your mind what to try they were very generous offering samples. I found the staff extremely friendly and helpful.

I saw someone order a pudding pocket, which was rice pudding and toppings of your choice served in a warm brioche bun. It looked incredible but I just didn’t have the appetite for such a large treat. You can choose a waffle cone bowl ($1 extra) or plastic bowl for your rice pudding.

The small is $7
The large is $8.75
The quart is $20.

The cookies and cream, the rocky road and the chocolate hazelnut are all recommend ?. I found the texture thick and very creamy but not too sweet. If you are looking for a real indulgent treat, look no further than the Rice Cream Shoppe at 195 Bleeker St. It’s a wonderful addition to the neighborhood and a great concept.

Highly recommended.

Happy dining,

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