Unfortunately, SuViche, located at 2751 N. Miami Avenue in Wynwood, is going to go in my pass section. The restaurant is not bad looking. The inside hasn’t changed that much since the last restaurant Bloom which was previously there. (A restaurant I was sorry to see go). The patio was cute with swing sets and couches, and a big Wynwood type mural. It was actually very inviting to look at.

The first strike was the lack of cleanliness. The benches inside were stained and actually had crumbs or sand on them. The restrooms were also filthy. This usually means a dirty kitchen as well. All might be forgiven if the food was great but I am sorry to report it was mediocre. The sushi rolls were too Americanized, with cream cheese and mango etcetera, yuck.

As for the Peruvian food, let’s just say I have had a lot better.

I am usually not a fan of most chain restaurants, and this is a perfect example. They follow a formula and the food is very commercialized, with a generic feel to it. The only plus was the food was reasonably priced. The menu was heavy on ceviches, tiraditos and sushi. The cocktails had a lot of pisco sour choices. A pisco is a Peruvian brandy made from Muscat grapes. I didn’t drink at lunch so I can’t tell you if they were good or not.

Not recommended.

Happy dining,


  1. David Rakowski says:

    I have to say I’m lovin’ your blog. Your reviews speak to me the way a person or friend would speak to me without the sugar coating or words to impress descriptions. Thank you for making my choices easy in the restaurants as well as what to order. I look forward to your next review.

  2. Shanea says:

    Thanks ?

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