My husband and I just happened to be driving down 27th Street in Wynwood. We passed a large white warehouse at 62 NE 27th Street and did a double take.  To our surprise there in the parking lot was several massive Botero sculptures. We could have caused an accident, we stopped the car that fast. Making a quick u-turn, we parked and walked through the lot. Then we entered the warehouse, a 55,000 square feet space filled with astonishing sculptures and paintings, and it seemed we were the only people there! We thought we had stumbled upon a museum’s collection – maybe some exclusive pop-up exhibit? We’re we even allowed to be here?!? We were in awe, our mouths agape as we tried to take it all in …

Someone greeted us (we must have had a look of children in a candy store on our faces, it was probably fairly humourous) and we were told we were standing in the middle of the largest private gallery space in the world, owned by Gary Nader. He also has a gallery in New York.

Gary Nader Fine Arts specializes in Latin American Art, but the collection includes Modern and Contemporary Masters such as Matisse, Frank Stella, Atchugarry, Lichtenstein, Chagall and, of course, several Latin artists – too many to mention. For me, I was most impressed by his HUGE collection of Botero sculptures, paintings and drawings. The manager said it was the most extensive, privately-owned collection of Botero in the world! It was mind blowing.

This well-kept secret has been in Wynwood, Miami for 12 years. Everything is for sale.

Nader is also planning to open the Gary Nader Latin American Museum of Art somewhere in downtown Miami. The museum will be 90,000 square feet showcasing a variety of modern and contemporary media, visual art, couture fashion, film and music. Twenty-five sculptures will be on display outside. To help him finance this project he will be building a 300 unit, three hundred million dollar residential tower on the same property.

So, if you are looking for a Latin Master or just want to ogle one, Gary Nader Fine Arts has got them. From the unparalleled collection of works by Botero to Guidermo Conte to Picasso, it is an all-star roster, and it is free to visit.

Highly Recommended!

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