February 1, 2024

Kobe Beef Steak Mouriya Gion :: Kyoto

Every element at Mouriya Gion was truly authentic, from the top-tier beef, to the meticulously selected ingredients from Kyoto.
January 14, 2024

Tapas Molecular Bar :: Tokyo

Tapas Molecular Bar, Tokyo, was a delightful blend of culinary innovation and careful attention to detail.
December 3, 2023

Lurra :: Kyoto

Lurra in Kyoto's culinary landscape offers an exquisite fusion of freshness and excitement in every bite.
November 26, 2023

Otome Sushi :: Kanazawa

Our evening at Otome Sushi was nothing short of unforgettable. A high-caliber culinary journey and a must-try if you are visiting Kanazawa.
November 23, 2023

Fuwari :: Kanazawa

Fuwari is a buzzing izakaya loved by locals, offering reasonably priced traditional dishes.
November 16, 2023

Narisawa :: Tokyo

Narisawa restaurant in Tokyo was the most unforgettable food experience on my 19-day tour of Japan.
November 5, 2023

L’Effervescence :: Tokyo

L'Effervescence offers a 12-course tasting menu that heavily emphasizes a connection to both the land and sea, drawing influences from French culinary traditions.
November 2, 2023

Eneko :: Tokyo

Eneko provided a refreshing alternative to traditional Japanese fare and was an evening of pure enjoyment and entertainment.
October 29, 2023

Kyūbey Ginza :: Tokyo

My lunchtime visit to Kyubey Ginza in Tokyo was far from what I anticipated or expected.
October 26, 2023

SÉZANNE :: Tokyo

Chef Daniel Calvert has accomplished something truly remarkable at SÉZANNE, crafting dynamic, exquisite, and seasonally updated French dishes, and sourcing ingredients throughout Japan and France.
January 12, 2023

Gaggan Anand :: Bangkok

Coming from a poor family in India and ending up as one of the greatest chefs in the world is no easy feat. This meal, although not inexpensive, was a once in a lifetime culinary experience, and I left with no regrets.
December 11, 2022

The Four Seasons :: Bangkok

After a six year hiatus from the Thai capital, the new Four Seasons Bangkok is certainly back with a bang!
December 9, 2022

Amankora :: Bhutan

Our visit to the Amankora lodges in the Kingdom of Bhutan was like having our own private Eden. It will remain one of the most memorable and extraordinary journeys of our lifetime.
November 24, 2022

R-HAAN :: Bangkok

All of the dishes served, were unique to items served to the royal family.
November 20, 2022

Baan Phadthai :: Bangkok

If you are looking for an authentic, fresh and moderately priced Thai meal, I can recommend Baan Phadthai.
November 17, 2022

Yu Ting Yuan Restaurant :: Bangkok

From the moment you enter this dramatically stunning establishment, you know you’re in for a special evening.
November 13, 2022

Burnt Ends :: Singapore

The chef uses luxurious produce, yet his food is not pretentious, just simplicity at its finest.
November 10, 2022

Naeum :: Singapore

Naeum is a love letter and ode to remembrance and Chef works this into his menu. Each food forward dish served has layered flavours, elevated to perfection.
November 6, 2022

Jumbo Seafood :: Singapore

Let me tell you, they are slippery and are drenched in a delectable sauce, and our table looked like a tsunami had hit!
June 7, 2020

Shanea Travels :: How Covid-19 Will Affect Your Next Hotel Stay

While many businesses have been adversely impacted by the recent global pandemic, one group that has particularly been hit hard is the tourism industry. Here are some of the new policies and procedures you can expect now when visiting a hotel.
June 4, 2020

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel :: Hong Kong

The Landmark Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong provides you with a luxury level of facilities in the heart of the city. It sets new standards in Asia and abroad for ultra-chic accommodations and customer service that's unparalleled.
February 3, 2020

Mott 32 :: Hong Kong

Mott 32 in Hong Kong is a no brainer if you are looking for carefully crafted dishes, great flavours, and classic dishes with some refreshing twists with a farm to table ethos.
January 30, 2020

Amber :: Hong Kong

The food at Amber restaurant in Hong Kong is definitely gastronomic but not gimmicky. There is a modern approach to the cuisine, it displays a multitude of refined and meticulous and indulgent details. Highly recommended.
January 28, 2020

The Rosewood Hotel Phnom Penh :: Cambodia

The Rosewood Phnom Penh in Cambodia is the perfect hotel for the sophisticated traveler and is unmatched with every other hotel in the city. We were blown away with how lavish the hotel was.
January 24, 2020

Embassy Restaurant :: Siem Reap

Embassy Restaurant in Siem Reap Cambodia is a great way to discover elevated Cambodian gastronomy. I was actually quite impressed and surprised by the high quality and sophistication of the cuisine.
January 22, 2020

The Front Room :: Bangkok

The Front Room in Bangkok serves a new level of inspiring cuisine. The chef's cooking is very intricate, full of different flavours and textures. We immensely enjoyed our journey from beginning to end.
January 20, 2020

Madame Hien Restaurant :: Hanoi

Madame Hien Restaurant is by one of Hanoi’s most celebrated chefs, Didier Corlou, offering elegant versions of traditional Hanoi street food. One of Hanoi's best options.
January 15, 2020

VEA Restaurant :: Hong Kong

VEA Restaurant in Hong Kong is on Asia’s 50 best list as well as having one Michelin star. They tick off every box, decor, outstanding service and noteworthy food and wines. Every dish is intricately prepared, with a symphony of flavours.
January 10, 2020

Paste Restaurant :: Bangkok

Paste Restaurant in Bangkok is located next door to the Intercontinental Hotel. I found the food tasted commercialized and lacking in flavours.
January 3, 2020

Le Du :: Bangkok

I found the food at Le Du average at best. There are so many fine dining experiences in Bangkok and I felt I wasted an evening here. The presentations and execution of the dishes were also unmemorable and uninspiring.
December 30, 2019

The Chopsticks :: Ho Chi Minh City

The Chopsticks in Ho Chi Minh City offers many traditional dishes in a modern, clean and comfortable environment. Whether you choose a tasting menu or a la carte, you will be treated too authentic Vietnamese food with fresh flavours, quality ingredients and an innovative menu.
December 27, 2019

Nahm Restaurant :: Bangkok

Nahm Restaurant in Bangkok, Thailand serves flavorful, fresh, and spicy dishes infused with a cornucopia of succulent, aromatic and concentrated flavours. The cuisine is sophisticated, robust and upscale, without being gimmicky. 
July 21, 2016

Culinary Travel with Delectable Destinations

If you are tired of large group, canned itinerary trips, and instead seek a smaller group with a more attentive host, and a slower pace where you can savour local tastes – this may be just the thing for you.
October 22, 2015

The Oberoi Udaivilas, Hotel :: Udaipur, India

One of the world's most visually stunning hotels is the Oberoi Udaivilas in Udaipur, India. Most remarkable is the landscaping on 30 acres, the gardens, the pools and the fountains.
October 22, 2015

Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel :: Jophpur, India

If you were to ask me what my absolute favourite hotel in the world would be I would have to say it may just be the Umaid Bhawan Palace Hotel in Jophur, India. It is THE ultimate dream resort/hotel.
October 22, 2015

TheTable Restaurant :: Mumbai, India

After three weeks of continuously eating Indian food while in India we desperately were ready to try a Western meal. We went to TheTable on our last night in India. It was the only time we dined outside of a hotel and we felt comfortable doing so. It is located in the Kalapesi Trust building, not too far from the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.
October 21, 2015

Oberoi Amarvilas and the Taj Mahal :: Agra, India

October 20, 2015

The Spice Route Restaurant :: New Delhi, India

The Spice Route Restaurant is one of the many restaurants located in the historic Imperial Hotel of New Delhi. What makes it stand out from all the other restaurants for me is the ambience.
October 15, 2015

Bukhara Restaurant :: New Delhi, India

The cuisine is called North Western frontier food which is now the Pakistan and Afghanistan border. The food is rich and heavy. Most dishes are based around meat but there are a few vegetarian options. It serves renown Kebobs, which are some of the best we tried in India.
October 8, 2015

Oberoi Hotel :: Agra, India

Considering the hotel is over ten years old it is in pristine shape. Clean and beautiful principal rooms as well as guest rooms. Ours was on the smaller side but lacked for nothing. Every room has a view of the beautiful gardens and pools and best of all the Taj Mahal.
July 2, 2015

Varq @ the Taj Mahal Hotel :: New Delhi, India

Varq restaurant has been voted in the top 50 restaurants in Asia. It is located in the lower lobby of the Taj Mahal New Delhi, India. Varq was my favorite Indian cuisine restaurant in India during our three week trip there.