Paste Restaurant is located on the third floor in an older mall in Bangkok at 999 Ploenchit Road, next door to the Intercontinental Hotel (another mystery to me). It’s a Michelin starred restaurant and Number 28 on Asia’s Top 50 Restaurants list (I’d like to know who votes for these restaurants because I think they need a new committee).

Chef and owner, Bee Satongun, and her husband Jason Bailey are trying to recreate centuries-old recipes and long-forgotten techniques. The chef says 20% of her dishes are innovative and 80% are traditional. But to me, her food tasted commercialized and lacked in flavours. In Toronto, we have a restaurant called Kiin that is far superior to Paste, serving Royal Thai, traditional cuisine, and it is in a different league to anything at this highly rated restaurant.

As far as the decor of the restaurant, it is lovely, and sophisticated looking, done in soft neutral tones. It is light and airy, with floor to ceiling windows. There is some pod-like seating that offers lots of privacy.

They have tasting menu options or a la carte. The service is refined, friendly and attentive. But if the food doesn’t “schmeck” (taste good) what is the point. People travel, are knowledgeable and have high expectations.

In other words, the food is perfectly suited for a mall. Otherwise don’t waste your time.

Happy dining,

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