Turkis Restaurant, Tel Aviv
Turkiz is a lovely restaurant with a creative menu of fabulous food. Of course, the highlights here are unquestionably fish and seafood creations. The name, “Turkiz” means, “turquoise”, which is perfect for the spot, and since opening in 1991 they’ve been really packing them in. The big plus is the restaurant is located right next to the sea on the ground floor of an upscale condo complex. They are open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but I recommend going for lunch so you can look out at the beautiful views. They offer a variety of fresh saltwater fish and seafood that varies every day. They also have an enormous wine menu with more than 2,500 bottles from all over the world. It is a perfect venue to chill and relax, serving light healthy food with interesting twists added to simple Mediterranean dishes. The menu includes salads, grilled vegetables and serious fish and seafood dishes. There are also meat selections for the carnivores. If you are looking for one of Tel Aviv’s newest creative and innovative new culinarily restaurants, then you need to go elsewhere.

Request a window table or patio table. Please note, it is not easy to find as you can’t see the space from the street. It is at Rehov Herzl Riznblum 6.


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