Pad Thai was made popular in Thailand during WW11. It has since become one of Bangkok’s national dishes and one of our favorite things to eat if done properly and it is done well at Baan Phadthai. Pad Thai was promoted to establish nationalism to eliminate the Chinese influence. The government promoted rice noodles to help establish the identity of Thailand. 

Awarded a Bid Gourmand in 2019, this tiny, charming, blue, down to earth restaurant is found down a sketchy looking street near the river. It’s situated in an old colonial townhouse, but the interior has been refurbished in vivid blues, with fans for cooling(and no air conditioning. The walls are covered with old doors and posters from a past era. 

They specialize in noodles here and claim to use 18 ingredients and a secret recipe for their pad thai. They add ingridients like crab, house dried shrimps, duck eggs, grilled chicken or river prawns. We also tried an interesting dish called Miang Kana, which were Chinese kale leaf wraps, which allow you to gather up various fillings that you can wrap yourself. We enjoyed cooling off with freshly squeezed watermelon juice and some delicious coconut water. We also enjoyed the sweetest mango with sticky rice for dessert. 

If you are looking for an authentic, fresh and moderately priced Thai meal, I can recommend Baan Phadthai.

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