Varq restaurant has been voted in the top 50 restaurants in Asia. It is located in the lower lobby of the Taj Mahal New Delhi, India.

Varq was my favorite Indian cuisine restaurant in India during our three week trip there.

Varq is a beautiful restaurant with a contemporary interior, with creamy leathers, gold textures, dark wood and Indian artwork. It is quite stunning and dramatic looking.

It was a real gourmet experience. We tried the menu degustation. The highlights were the crabmeat in phyllo pastry topped with a Tandoori Prawn. The Scallops with curry served on a tomato salsa. The Lamb on a bed of Biryani a type of spicy rice, and the Masala Sea Bass with spinach and mushrooms were all good. The breads were unbelievable. You got a different type with each course. For example there was a tomato Naan and an Olive Naan. They served a Tamarind sorbet as one of the palate cleansers between courses. Each dish comes with a special tea selection.

We asked for everything to be spiced mildly.

The service was excellent and they were most helpful describing dishes to us.
Varq means gold leaf and it is found on some of the dishes.

All in all it was a fine dining, upscale modern Indian meal, with quality seasonal ingredients, done in a innovative way.

Highly recommend!
Happy dining,

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