After three weeks of continuously eating Indian food while in India we desperately were ready to try a Western meal. We went to TheTable on our last night in India. It was the only time we dined outside of a hotel and we felt comfortable doing so. It is located in the Kalapesi Trust building, not too far from the Taj Hotel in Mumbai.

I did my research before going and the restaurant got lots of great reviews, awards and accolades. The chef Alex Sanchez hails from California and he had previously worked at the French Laundry so I knew he would have excellent training.

The restaurant is modern and on two levels. It is narrow and a little cramped. Table has a scene with a young fashionable crowd. They play some cool music too.

The menu had some great choices. We loved the homemade breads, and the Burrata was as good as any we have had on our travels. The Zucchini Spaghetti was fabulous. I hadn’t had a piece of Salmon the whole time I was in India but on the waiter’s recommendation we tried some and it was fresh tasting and cooked perfectly. They also had a nice wine selection which is hard to find in India.

The restaurant was voted the best in India by Time Out in 2014.

I thought it was a chic, sophisticated restaurant with globally inspired food and the kitchen was quite impressive.

Highly recommended.

Happy dining,

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