One of my all-time favourite restaurants, Kyu, closed nearly two years ago due to fire and subsequent structural damage. During this time, they expanded their presence with restaurants in New York, Mexico City, and Las Vegas, with plans for an upcoming location in Los Angeles. Learning about their re-opening was thrilling, and I was fortunate to secure a table through friends right away, as reservations remain highly coveted.

Executive chef Chris Arellanes continues to lead the culinary charge, and despite only being open for two days officially, Kyu was already bustling with eager patrons. The restaurant’s popularity is evident, having been previously named Time Magazine’s best in Florida within a year of opening and a James Beard award semi-finalist. The menu maintains its Asian-inspired, wood-fired focus, featuring inventive dishes with bold flavours, and a plethora of plant-based options.

Many beloved classics, like crispy rice and tuna, Thai rice stone pot, and Korean fried chicken remain staples on the menu. Also remaining is the roasted whole cauliflower with goat cheese in a shishito herb vinaigrette, baby back ribs, and the uber-famous, mom’s coconut layer cake. Exciting new additions such as Malaysian noodles, BBQ duck ends, and Japanese sweet potato with buttered black sugar and Parmesan cheese offer a fresh culinary experience. The atmosphere has been enhanced with wood details, dark leather, and captivating lighting effects, while the dining room capacity and kitchen have expanded.

Although the restaurant can get loud, and your voice can get hoarse, the energetic ambiance adds to the vibrant atmosphere. The bar remains a lively spot, offering both new and classic cocktails, along with an impressive wine selection. With attentive and knowledgeable staff, Kyu remains a top choice for a memorable dining experience.

Welcome back Kyu, you have been sorely missed.


Happy dining,



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