Yorkville has a new contemporary Japanese Restaurant called Kasa Moto. It is owned by the Chase Hospitality Group.

The restaurant is in the former Remy’s space and is quite large with a huge capacity, and a massive rooftop patio which is quite lovely. I hear the restaurant was designed by II by IV. Inside the restaurant is nicely decorated. I prefer the airy back room.  The menu copies many dishes from many famous restaurants such as NOBU, Makoto of Miami and Zuma of London and Miami. The problem is if you have dined in these restaurants then you know how much better their food is. For instance, the Rock Shrimp at NOBU is far superior with a lighter batter and a better creamy spicy sauce. The Spicy Tuna on Crispy rice from Makoto has a crispier base with a better quality tuna. Their pieces are also twice the size. The Robato grill at Zuma turns out better food as well. However the corn at Kasa Moto was quite good. 

The Shisito peppers were just okay.They also copy Zuma’s rice with mushrooms in a truffle soya butter which was quite good as well. All the presentations were quite beautiful but the portions are on the small side and we found the prices were quite high. I am not opposed to spending a lot of money if the food is great. Right now it is good but not great. When we complained about one dish the waiter shrugged and walked away. But there are a lot of managers that are circulating to see that things are running smoothly. I know things come out as they are prepared, but I would love to have at least one vegetable dish come out when my main course Sea Bass came out.

The desserts are good, there are 3 offerings. Mochi, cheesecake and a Chocolate ganache bombe. The Mochi is good but on two occasions the vanilla flavour has a tough exterior, the other flavours are good. The Chocolate bombe was quite good.

There is a great selection of Saki and some interesting cocktail selections too. Even though Yorkville is a tourist area with many new condo’s going up, it is lacking in fine dining choices. It is good to see a beautiful new restaurant opening in this area. Hopefully the food will improve. This place is a real scene and it has potential to become a great place.

Happy dining,

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