We were excited to try this new spot in Manning and Harbord, formally the home of Ici Bistro. Yunaghi Restaurant is tiny with only 22 seats, and that includes the bar and high tops. They offer Omakase meals only. One is 7 courses and is priced at $68 and one is 9 course and priced at $80.

We went for the 9 course and were not full at all. The courses are tiny little jewels. We were impressed with the service and presentation. This is the closest thing to a mole culture Japanese meal, with flavoured powders and foam etc. The dishes were very creative. For example each course had several elements to it. The warm sashimi had Hamachi, sesame sauce, dashing tea, mad ago are and chives. The fish which was Mackerel for us came with a spiced pea sauce, a miso butter foam and brown butter powder.

I won’t go into all 9 dishes as it is quite a lot to write down.
Would I return and the answer is no.

I actually appreciate all that went in to the evening but I still the the food was lacking something. Also this place is not for people who are picky. I much prefer Sushi Kaji in Etobicoke which is much more to my taste but maybe not as elegant of an experience. The chefs technique was very much a fusion of French and Japanese and he has to be applauded for creating such a meal in such a small kitchen.

We just were not wowed.
I want to try Yasu next …

Happy dining.

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