yazo-2Dined at Toronto’s Yasu Restaurant on 81 Harbord st. It is a tiny place, minimalist, understated with clean modern lines, and relaxed, holding about 13 people. It opened 15 months ago. I counted 11 at the sushi counter and 2 at a window table. The restaurant is so small you can blink and you would pass it on the street. If you love fresh fish prepared in a traditional way (no fancy toppings or presentations) then you will enjoy this meal. For $80 you receive an Omakase meal of 18 pieces of the freshest nigiri sushi from all over the world. Our meal was primarily from Japan, and also Boston, Greece, Alaska and Nova Scotia on our evening. There are one to three seating’s depending on the night. There is one around 5, One at 7:15 and one at 9:30pm on the weekend. It sounds expensive but a comparable meal in New York for instance would be in the $150-200 range.

All the sushi is seasoned when you get it, there is no soya sauce for dunking your sushi in. Every night there is different offerings depending on the freshest fish the chef can find. For instance tonight we had, fluke, maceral, sea bream, salmon roe, shrimp, eel, Bonito, red snapper, foie gras of the sea (not my favourite), crab, sea bass, scallops, salmon, three types of tuna from lean to fatty, and a few fish I have never had before from Japan. The final course is a sponge cake-like egg omelet. Each fish had a different taste and texture. We opted to have the Sake tasting, which paired various sake that went with each 3-4 courses. That worked out to $50 per person. They served black sesame ice cream on tonight’s visit.

Toronto Sushi restaurants need to eat here and see what great quality fish tastes like. Kasa Moto I am talking to you!

The fish at Yasu is so tender it seems to melt in your mouth. The chef recommends eating each fish in one bite. If you are looking for noodles, or broth or wagyu beef, then I recommend Sushi Kaji (a favourite of mine). But if you are looking for a fish induced blissful meal then I would definitely try here.

Highly recommended.

Happy dining,

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