A thirty-minute ride to Etobicoke to a little strip plaza to visit a gastronomic temple of Japanese delights was a highlight of summer dining thus far for 2015.

Sushi Kaji is by far the best Japanese meal I have had in Toronto. However, I have not dined at the Japanese cultural Center yet.

Chef Mitsuhiro Kaji is the city’s reigning Omakase master.

He only seats 30 people at a time. This allows him to use the freshest ingredients and make exquisite presentations. I recommend sitting at the sushi bar and watch all the artistry that goes into your food. We had about 12 or so courses (I lost count) at a cost of $150 per person. The price is reasonable for the quality of the food you get. The fish is flown in fresh each and every day, the majority coming from Japan but some from Africa as well. If you do a Wagu beef supplement you can add another $68 to your bill.

They have a good selection of Sake. But also good to know you can bring your own wine and they only charge $20 corkage which is a bargain. If they know you are celebrating a special occasion you might even have one of the chefs make you a beautiful flower bouquet carved out of vegetables. You can see him prepare it at the Sushi bar. This is a place for serious foodies who appreciate a genuine, innovative and well presented and unpretentious meal and don’t mind driving a half an hour or more to get there. True artistry.

Highest of recommendations!
Happy dining,

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