If someone was to ask what was my favorite restaurant while visiting Amsterdam this past summer, I would quickly answer Johannes. It is at Herengracht 413.

It is a French inspired restaurant with a modern twist. It faces one of the beautiful canals in Amsterdam and it was a short walk from our new fabulous hotel, The Waldorf Astoria.

You choose between 4,5 or 6 courses. You tell them what you don’t eat and then you leave dinner up to them. We went for the 5 course but there were also a few Amuse Bouche as well. This little gem of a restaurant changes their menu often. They also suggest wine pairings with dinner but we opted for a fine bottle of Kistler instead. The wine was fairly priced. Johannes is a tiny, relaxed, understated restaurant. The food was sensational with a depth of flavours and creativeness with each dish. There is even a sense of humour with some dishes but I won’t give that away. Each course is unique, and they use seasonal ingredients. Each dish is like a piece of art, very exquisitely prepared. The place is a lot better than some Michelin star restaurants that I have been to.

Our meal was about 120 Euros before the wine. That is quite reasonable considering the meal was outstanding.

It is a great contemporary French restaurant that operates at a high level in casual surroundings.

Highly recommended.

Happy dining,


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