One of Morocco’s most famous restaurants is called Al Fassia. It is usually mentioned in every guidebook for serving remarkable gastronomy, hospitality, and service. It is also the only restaurant you will find that is predominantly run by women, although we did see a couple of men. There are two locations for this namesake restaurant. Unfortunately, the original was closed on the day we wanted to dine, so we headed out of town, a few kilometers to their newer location. It all looked very theatrical, a Moroccan style home, with fountains, men and women in traditional garb, rich tones of greens and reds, and a beautiful outside patio and gardens where the majority of patrons were dining. They are known for having an a la carte menu, instead of a multi-course extravaganza, like many restaurants.

The meal here was a bitter disappointment from beginning to end. The soup, breads, and pastilla were all sub par. In fact, the meal was so bad we decided not to stay for dessert, which is a rarity for me.

If you decide you still want to go based on all the other good reviews, do yourself a favor and go to the original on 55 Boulevard Zerktouni in Guéliz.

Not recommend.

Happy dining,

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