I have read rave reviews about the newly opened Salty Donut so naturally, I had to give it a try. The Miami born craft donut shop is currently operating out of a trailer at 29NW 24th St. This this their temp pop-up location is before opening in the Wynwood Arcade once construction is complete.

The line was nothing to laugh about, and I was told that sometimes the it snakes all the way around the corner. We waited about a half an hour eagerly anticipating trying their artisanal donuts. Being Sunday though, we very likely picked a bad day to go. Sunday is probably one of the busier days. By the time we got to the front of the line they were out of a lot of flavours and it was only about 1:30 pm. Usually they carry maple bacon, cookies and cream, blueberry, carrot, guava, Boston cream, strawberry lemon, lemon rosemary, glazed, gluten-free, and so on. They are also known for their alcohol infused donuts that come with a plastic syringe that you squeeze into each donut, such as bourbon, etc, but these were also sold out. Each day they offer about six flavours. They did look beautiful and we were eager to dig in. We sampled everything they had, including a Valentine special.

Please don’t shoot the messenger but we found them stale, dry, heavy and greasy. I am probably the only person in Miami who feels this way but I am being honest. You can get a much better donut around the corner at Fireman Derek’s. The Salty Donuts tasted at least a day old to me. Maybe they were, because it was a Sunday. They don’t bake on the premises, so who knows where and when they were trucked in from.

What a huge disappointment. But that doesn’t stop hoards of happy customers from coming. They also partnered with Intellentsia coffee. I thought it cute that they offer “cereal milk” as a choice with their coffee.

They are open Friday to Sunday from 11am until 5 pm or until they run out.

Happy dining,

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