Before you dismiss eating a fine meal at a food truck, please hear me out …

I was skeptical too, but I kept hearing wonderful things about Myumi. I had to drag my husband to 56 NW 29th street in Wynwood. This is now the permanent home in “Wynwood  Yards” along with a few other permanent and rotating food trucks. Myumi is owned and operated by Jake Smith and Chef Kazuo Yoshida. Situated in an open park, the former FedX truck now painted grey only seats 6 and dinner is served every hour on the hour from 6-11pm. This is no easy reservation to get. It is undoubtedly one of the hottest tickets in town. I tried calling and texting and I was never answered. Your best bet is to make your reservation on the Resy app. There are no walk ins accepted.

If you have ever seen the movie “Chef”, you’ll get the idea, except obviously they serve sushi instead of Cuban sandwiches. Their Omakase experience costs either $40 for about 7-8 pieces or $60 for about 10-11 pieces. We not only opted for the larger meal we added a few extra pieces to ours. There is no liquor license so you can BYOB or purchase some beer or a cocktail from a bar set up in the middle of the yard. There are twinkle lights at night and it really is quite a charming experience.

But the best part about this cute little food truck is undoubtedly the sushi. It’s so fresh tasting and the chef explains where each piece comes from. It could be Alaska, Japan, Boston, Florida, Scotland etc. The menu rotates based on availability. The meal is quite traditional, there are no gimmicky surprises. Some of the sushi was a little more unique. The only other Omakase that comes to mind in Miami are Naoe, but that dinner takes about 3 hours and costs $250, or the Japanese Market on 79th street, which also offers an Omakase.

The truck is open from Tuesday through Sunday in the happening Arts District. It is a fine edible experience on wheels.

PS. We walked around the corner to Fireman Derek’s for a piece of pie afterwards.

Highly recommend.

Happy dining,

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  1. Erika says:

    love everything about this place!

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