I have been curious to try Fireman Derek’s Pies for quite some time as he has been getting a lot of press. It is located at 2818 North Miami Avenue in Wynwood. You can feast here on all things sweet. So we decided to do an experiment and take home 4 different slices and have a taste test. I know it was a hardship but someone has to do it! We tried the Key Lime which was nice and tart with a good graham cracker crust. Next was the Crack pie. Don’t ask me what is in it but they call it crack because they say it is addictive. The Boston Cream pie was good but the chocolate icing was too salty for me. For me the winner was the S’mores Pie. I mean come on, chocolate, marshmallows and graham crackers-oh my.

We need to go back as we hear the Blueberry is also good, plus, banana cream, chocolate peanut butter, pecan , Oreo, Apple, coconut or whatever else may be on the menu that day. They also have cakes like Red Velvet, Chocolate layer, cheesecake, brownies, cookies and other sweet treats.

The shop is actually run by a local fireman and his family. It has been featured on the Food Network and is one of Paula Deans favorites. It was voted best bakery in Miami in 2014. They also serve a great cup of coffee.

In case you want to order a whole pie check out the website: firemanderekspies.com.

This is a great place to drop by when art watching in Wynwood, or shopping in the Design District or visiting the tents at the art shows.


Happy dining, Shanea


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