Pierchic restaurant, DubaiPierchic is surely one of the most romantic restaurants you will find in Dubai or anywhere for that matter. With stunning views of the ocean and Burj Al Arab (the 7-star sailboat-shaped hotel), it is situated at the end of a long wooden pier with captivating views across the Arabian Gulf. It also boasts al fresco dining via two pod extensions. If you are going to go regardless of my review, I suggest you go for lunch as you can enjoy the views rather than going out at night and staring at the dark waters. For me, that is where the accolades end for this seafood restaurant. I found the pricing to be staggering unless you are an Arab Sheik. But worse than that, the food was truly awful. Dried out, overcooked and over-salted, it was a total insult to my senses and my pocket book. To top it off it was raining, and the only way to get out to the end of the pier was to walk or take a golf cart (we still managed to get soaked).

The design was modern and stylish. The menu offered a la carte or a degustation menu. The servings on the tasting menu were tiny. The place was empty by the way. The ambience was unique, but the food was awful.

Not recommended.

Happy dining,

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