If you’ve ever been to Alberobello, you know that this whitewashed town looks like a fairytale with all the cone-shaped Trulli houses. In the heart of town there is a trulli that has been converted into an organic and mostly vegan restaurant called Terra Madre, which translates to Mother Earth. This is a perfect name because they sow, grow and harvest their produce using the compost they produce on site. The compost is used in the organic garden that is directly behind the restaurant. They recycle from coffee grinds and eggshells. They make and bake it all. Instead of freezers, the fruits remain on the trees until they reach maturity. This increases the intensity of the flavours.
The restaurant is comprised of 4 cones. Each table is identified by one of the vegetables harvested. Dining here is a unique experience.The young staff is friendly and passionate. This farm to fork restaurant is unique and fun. The food itself is simple, and unfortunately not that inspiring. But for the vegetarian or vegan, you will have an ample selection to choose from. We also ordered a pasta dish that fared better for us. The food overall was mediocre, the wines, meh, although it does get some brilliant reviews and recommendations by other food bloggers. English was a barrier for some servers and some things were lost in translation, although this can be part of the fun. Despite the food, the staff was warm, attentive, and lively, and the ambiance might still make it a worthy stop.

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