We came to Florence for a day trip last summer and I tried to find a classic Florentine Trattoria. On the advice of Elizabeth Minchelli in her book Eat Italy , she raved about Trattoria Sostanza on Via Porcellana 25. So off we went on our adventure. It is not the easiest restaurant to find as it is situated on a quiet side street. But believe me it was worth the effort.
The restaurant dates back to 1869 and I am told not much has changed except for the addition of air conditioning. It is a small old fashion looking place with communal tables as well as single tables. My advice, take what you can get. Now if you are coming to eat here don’t be on any diet or just don’t bother coming. Having said that, here is what we had:

  • The Artichoke Omelette was a standout and was light and fluffy.
  • The restaurant signature dish of Butter Chicken was a heart attack on a plate, but what a way to go!!  I hear they have a good Florentine steak if that is your thing.
  • For dessert they were out of the tiny strawberries so they substituted raspberries for the layer cake with chocolate and meringue. It was still Very good.

The restaurant does not take credit cards but cash only. It was an authentic, timeless and delicious restaurant. It has a warm friendly atmosphere.
Highly recommend.
Happy dining,

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