Sometimes you just don’t feel like getting dressed up or like spending a fortune on dinner, but you still want some delicious food. This is when we go to Burgers and Shakes at 7401 Collins Ave. You can’t miss the place it is  located on the corner and it always has a lineup. This small joint is popular for a reason, The food is good and the prices are right.

They also play some great music. The place isn’t trendy or fancy but a real “American “style place.

I always seem to order the same thing, the grilled chicken breast and avocado burger, topped with Swiss cheese, bacon, avocado, fresh tomato and baby arugula. They also give you a dill pickle on the side and a little tub of honey to drizzle on if you wish. Even the bun is quite good. I also order the sweet potato fries that are crisp and out of this world.

They also serve sliders, a portobello veggie burger, a mahi mahi burger, a bbq burger and a burger with a fried egg. Not much else on the menu except a few type of hot dogs, fries and onion rings. I think they have one salad too. There are 30 types of craft beer and 3 flavours of thick shakes.

This is not the healthiest meal but every once in a while when you get a craving, Burger and Shakes is a nice treat.

It was a beautiful night and we were eating outside on one of the wooden high top tables, enjoying our meal and listening to Sting and the Beatles. It doesn’t get much better than that.

It’s fast, casual and yummy.

Happy dining,


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  1. John Jahshan says:

    Amazing Burger in Ottawa, Tasty Burger Ottawa – Oh My Burger

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