Located in the ITC Maurya Hotel on the ground level is one of New Delhi’s most popular restaurants, Bukhara. It is always packed and popular. Actually it is one of Bill Clinton’s favorite restaurants when visiting India, as well as other heads of state, and also visiting celebrities.

It was voted San Pellegrino’s top 50 Asian eateries.

The restaurant is quite casual with stone walls, dark wood beams, copper urns and Indian rugs. It has an open kitchen with a glass wall so you can see the chefs prepare the breads and kebabs.

The cuisine is called North Western frontier food which is now the Pakistan and Afghanistan border. The food is rich and heavy. Most dishes are based around meat but there are a few vegetarian options. It serves renown Kebobs, which are some of the best we tried in India. They were tender, and well seasoned. The meats consist of marinated and grilled meats and seafood’s cooked in a Tandoor. They also serve a large selection of Indian breads, however I enjoyed better naan breads elsewhere. We loved our chicken Kebob and we also tried the jumbo grilled prawns which were a bit spicy. Then we tried the Tandoori Phool which was seasoned cauliflower which was deep fried. One of the “must try” dishes is their famous black lentil and tomato dal which simmers for 24 hours. It is buttery and creamy tasty!! For dessert we tried the Gulab Jamun, these were deep fried milk dumplings and served in a sweet syrup

I almost forgot to mention, they don’t give you cutlery here. You eat everything with your hands, Indian style. However if you are timid like me you can request cutlery. But the majority of the patrons use their hands. Everyone is provided with a large bib/apron.

Needless to say after this heavy meal we took the stairs rather than the elevator to our room once we got back to our hotel.


Happy dining,

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