Named after a real, “cool, eclectic couple” living their best lives, the Jim and Neesie Restaurant opened September 2018, also exudes a cool vibe. Located inside Miami’s Generator boutique hotel/hostel at 3120 Collins Avenue across from the Faena Hotel. This is the first US destination of the European Hostel Brand. But don’t let the word hostel throw you, because Chef Daniel Roy, previously of the Matador Room and Stubborn Seed, is cooking up some ridiculously delicious food. The beverage program is also top-notch thanks to the award-winning Gui Jaroschy of The Broken Shaker. Here they create your cocktails tableside. I highly recommend the Negroni Supreme, infused with raspberry and pistachio gin, bell pepper Campari, Cocchi di Torino, and lavender mist, and the Neesie’s gin and tonic, made with macerated citrus peels, and ice-cold East imperial tonic water.

The dining room seats about 38 people, and is dimly lit, with turquoise banquets, lots of throw pillows, exposed brick walls, French shutters, fixtures made of frosted wine bottles, framed family photos, books and knick-knacks scattered throughout – giving you a really cozy feeling. The flooring is an attractive black and white design, with added greenery throughout the room. Additionally, there is another room across the lobby for overflow, that seats about 30 and an outdoor patio for another 40 patrons. They play a great mix of music, AND you can still hear each other talk. But this place is made for food lovers. The menu reads beautifully, you will want to try everything, and we tried to eat as much as possible. Every dish was impressive from the cheese and corn fritters with a chipotle aioli dipping sauce to the west coast oysters in a cucumber mint mignonette with paprika oil, from the snack section of the menu. A must-have from the light starts part of the menu is the charred asparagus topped with a crispy panko coated poached egg, and a truffle yuzu, Marcona almonds, and pickled spring onions. It was out of this world. We also had the citrus roasted heirloom carrots topped with pesto, hazelnut crumble and spiced yoghurt. From the serious food section, we tried one of the best cacio e pepe in recent memory. An indulgent but worth it dish. It could be because of the excellent homemade fettuccine, or the summer black truffles, or the spicy crumb topping and lemon zest, or all of the above. Another standout was the vibrant charred romanesco, a cross between cauliflower and broccoli in a celery leaf pesto, harissa, micro herbs and citrus crumbs. It had a spicy bite to it, which we adored. The pork belly fried rice was an innovative dish, made with forbidden rice, and a crispy furikake egg kimchi. The pasta del Giorno was a delicate, joyful, ravioli that oozed richness and was brilliant. Chef Roy not only knows how to cook excellent savoury dishes, he can also master some incredible comfort food desserts like cheesecake with a brown butter pear purée on a delicious hazelnut crum crust, or a banana bread, that would make grandma jealous. But for me, if you could only choose one it would be the fresh out of the oven chocolate brown butter pecan cookie ice cream sandwich, which is so worth the wait while they bake them up when ordered. I’m obsessed with them.

All in all the evening was laid back, relaxing and scrumptious. Chef Roy is featuring eclectic American cooking with his own modern twist on global influences, and he is not afraid to cook with bold flavours. Bravo on a tasty first impression.

This is definitely another favourite spot to dine in Miami.

Highly recommend.
Happy dining,

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