There are numerous artisanal donut/doughnut shops opening around the country, people seem to have an obsession with them, but quite honestly they all taste the same to me. Greasy, fried, and boring. They also go stale so quickly. They try to spruce up the toppings but they basically have that same dull taste. I’m not sure what compelled me to try another place, but am I glad I did.

Doughnut Break, sets itself apart from the others. It is located at 1657 N Miami Avenue, where I met the owners, Eduardo and Carlos Hernandez, brothers from Madrid, and they couldn’t be nicer, and, they are so proud of what they make. Their place has just been open for two months and is a clean and bright spot, that has some tables if you decide you eat in, which will go well with their “Perk” coffee, a high-end brand you will see in a lot of upscale Miami establishments. The donuts not only look like a work of art, but they also taste amazing. They are made with only natural ingredients, nothing artificial. They are prepared on-site, so they are as fresh as can be. They use special brioche flour that rises for 24 hours, with a unique formulation process and secret ingredients. They use the highest quality in their mixtures, like Valrhona chocolate, creme brûlée from Spain, and house-made marmalades. The “fancy” brioche donuts are HUGE and sell for about $4.35 each. It sounds expensive, but they are enough for 2-3 people. The glazed donuts go for $2.79. I’m working my way through a box. I would have been satisfied with the maple and bacon brioche donuts as is, but they take it to another level with a maple pastry cream filling and candied bacon. The lemon meringue is a brioche donut with a heavenly lemon custard cover that has a torched meringue on top. Another standout is the chocolate glazed donut, with pistachio crumble, and filled with a Boston cream filling. The donut croissant also has a crema Catalana filling from Spain. Their donuts aren’t greasy at all, and you feel like you are having a gourmet experience, even though you are just eating a donut. People were ecstatic when the Salty Donut opened in Wynwood, but I never understood the excitement. I found them underwhelming. But these donuts are far superior.

The Hernandez brothers are pushing the envelope with their tasty creations. I really want this place to succeed, so I hope you will support them. They are currently open daily except for Sundays. There plan is to eventually open more locations, lucky for us.

Happy dining,

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