When I first visited Drunken Dragon, after it opened, I was in love with this new concept of sharing plates and Asian fusion food. I looked forward to returning to see if it was still how I remembered it. If it is your first time visiting it make sure you take the address – 1424 Alton Road – with you as the restaurant is signless and has blacked out windows. They think it is cool to be discreet. Located in a seedy strip plaza, the sign above it says, “Market”.
Get ready to pay $15 for valet parking as there is nowhere to park nearby.

The restaurant has a nice ambience once you walk through the front doors.

This year I found the food to range from good to so-so. All the tapas style plates were sent out too quickly, not giving you any time to enjoy each dish. And the you get the line all restaurants seem to be using 2015-2016, “food brought as ready”, as in dishes are not fired in courses, but brought out in whatever order they are made, or how fast they take to be made by the kitchen. Sorry, but I enjoy my vegetables with my main course. I don’t want to finish them by the time the meat or fish arrives! This novelty is wearing off for me. For some reason Drunken Dragon only gives you these tiny plates to eat off of, but they serve 3-4 dishes at once. Where are you supposed to put your food? Can I please have a dinner plate!! And for goodness sake can you provide some serving utensils so I don’t have to share saliva with everyone at my table!

They serve these tiki style cocktails, if that is your thing. People seemed to be enjoying them.
Okay, I vented enough, now on to the food …
Eh. There was an erratic successession to the dishes. For me the most prominent flavours were heavy salt and a lot of sweet. The Peking Bao could be way better. I remember I loved it two years ago. This year the buns tasted spongy, the duck was sparsely stuffed and overly sweet/salty. There are much better bao at numerous other restaurants this year. The Tuna Tataki Pizza is a wonderful idea, but the pizza dough could be improved. The lobster roll is served not on a brioche roll, but a piece of bread. The short ribs are rubbery. The twice-fried chicken with Asian coleslaw was good, but a heart attack on a plate. The stone rice pot with oxtail and mixed veggies, egg and kimchi is good, but salty. There are very few veggie items or anything light for health conscious diners.

Some people insist on getting their table with a cooking top. Honestly, I prefer the kitchen to cook my meat. I don’t want to go home stinking of smoke and grease. I did enjoy my soft serve ice cream for dessert.

The place is LOUD and busy, but not nearly as crazy busy as last year where you had to reserve well in advance. I think the buzz and trendiness is wearing off. There are SO many Asian fusion restaurants that opened this year where the food is far superior.

Happy dining,

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