Please don’t shoot the messenger, or should I say the blogger …
Fooq’s, at 1035 North Miami Avenue, has been getting some decent reviews. So, even though it was located far from home, my husband and I decided to try it. First, the location did not particularly make me feel safe. The restaurant is located in a rather seedy area of Miami, and directly across the street was a group of derelicts hanging out. Strike one. There was no parking nearby so we valet parked at a nearby strip club for $30. Strike two. We haven’t even entered the restaurant yet, so I am hoping at least after this point we are in for some amazing food. Visually, the place hadn’t been changed that much since the last restaurant here. Some folks call it cozy or industrial, but I call it rusty and unattractive.

Chef Nicole Votano, from Crumb on Parchment and now at Dirt which I both love, was the original chef but left in October last year, (too bad for us) at this downtown eatery. The new chef who has taken over is Brian Rojas.
The food is Middle Eastern/ European comfort food. I am sorry but I can’t agree with a lot of reviews that liked the food (possibly from when Nicole was there), I found it very disappointing. Strike three. The meatballs were too tangy and not that tasty. The three dips in a jar were weak tasting and a little runny. Zak the Baker bread is always good, I can’t fault that. The mixed vegetables were mostly rice, and the dish should be vibrant looking but was very brown. By the way, the skin on the eggplant was so tough it was inedible. The whole fish of the day was not bad but it was full of bones which is a real turn off for me.

Our waiter Mica was obnoxious and inappropriate as he was touching everyone including us- yuck. Keep your clammy hands to yourself. He was also dancing with patrons, he swore in front of my 91 year old mother and he made offensive remarks, not classy.

We decided not to take a chance on dessert and to cut our losses.

Not recommend.

Happy dining,

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