One of the most romantic and beautiful restaurants on the island of Capri is the JK Kitchen at the JK Place, Capri, at Via Prov Marina Grande, 225. The JK Place just happens to be the island’s most chic, glamorous and outstanding resort on the entire island. Designed by Michele Bonan, whether visiting or staying here, you feel like you are indulging in the most truly unforgettable experience. If you want to be truly spoiled, I recommend dining at their sophisticated restaurant. By day you can indulge al fresco and take in the surrounding vistas of the Bay of Naples and Mount Vesuvius and enjoy the Mediterranean cooking. By night, the atmosphere becomes more refined and sophisticated with soft music, candlelight, and relaxed elegance, on a cliff overlooking the sea and eventually, the stars. Or you can dine inside the small elegant dining room.

Under the helm of Chef Eduardo Estacio, the kitchen attempts to offer a more sophisticated cuisine, while still focusing on Mediterranean food as well as European and international dishes too. His menu can be ordered a la carte or from a few tasting menus that are offered. The menu is a modern interpretation of traditional flavours of the region and the chef tries to be overly creative sometimes, so there may be some lapses but overall strives for a creative culinary experience. Chef Estacio has a strong passion for what he does and an unwavering commitment to give you a truly unforgettable experience. He tries to fill your eyes and delight your palette. The hospitality by the staff is the most generous that I have found on the island.

The chef has respect for his ingredients, so you will find that even the bread he serves is far and above what’s in most Italian restaurants. I especially enjoyed the lemon soufflé for dessert, using the world’s most flavourful lemons on the planet. The food presentations are truly impressive and you will have a special evening from the moment you arrive.

Luxury, charm, style and attention to detail create a truly special evening.


Happy dining,

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