I never got the chance to eat at El Bulli, and I had heard so many amazing things about the Adrià Brothers, so I made it my mission to eat at three of their restaurants while in Barcelona. On the advice of my son, who said it was one of his all-time favourite meals, I booked Pakta Restaurant, the newest in their chain. Albert Adrià decided to open this new project after the success of Tickets. Pakta is the first Nikkei Restaurant in Barcelona and is already a 1 Star Michelin restaurant. Nikkei cuisine is a unique blend of Peruvian ingredients and Japanese techniques. Pakta showcases a lot of technical prowess and meticulous presentations. The restaurant is small and intimate, situated in a working class neighbourhood of Barcelona. It has thirty-two seats, some at a sushi bar, the rest at tables. I recommend the sushi bar as you can see the chefs at work and engage them, as well. The restaurant has a Japanese minimalist feel to it, with blonde woods, but then there is a floor to ceiling explosion of colour with brightly coloured yarn – the Peruvian influence.
Pakta Restaurant Barcelona, Spain
We could choose from two tasting menus – a fifteen course plus four desserts, or a twenty course with five desserts. We chose the larger menu to get the full experience. We got an email ahead asking if we had any allergies or aversions. Then we were asked again as we were seated. Each dish was artfully presented and explained to us as well as the history of its origin. Unfortunately, I did not understand everything that was said. I felt we were a bit rushed and the service was also a little cool and impersonal. Still, the food was really quite outstanding … but not as wonderful as my Tickets experience. The fish was very fresh, combined with creative flourishes. Interestingly my favourite dish was the one meat dish. A steak that was served SO tender, you can also order Wagu for a surcharge. We were encouraged to eat the majority of the food with our hands. Utensils and chopsticks were provided for meatier dishes.

The cocktail list was unique and creative and there was a nice variety of sakes.

Unfortunately, the restaurant has the same system to book a table as Tickets. It is done online only, but it is easier to secure a table here.

It was a gastronomic journey over a few hours, and overall an amazing experience.

Highly recommended.

Happy dining,

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