Paradigm Kitchen is a new healthy concept restaurant that has opened at 1834 Bay Road in the Sunset Harbour area of Miami. The owner is Matthew Sherman who also created Jugofresh. With currently 10 South Flordia locations, “Jugospots” offer a small selection of cold-pressed juices. Paradigm Kitchen is about much more. Here the focus is on fresh, healthy, creative food, which happens to be quite delicious, by the way.

They serve “clean soul food”, and they serve it with a smile. I am serious, they really do. From the moment you walk in the door to this cute, little place, everyone warmly welcomes you with and readily offers up any advice you may need as a novice. The palette of grays and whites with bright yellow accents gives the space a hip vibe. The seating design is clean and light, with industrial stools, high top communal tables, a few wooden tables, and a few seats at the bar. All in, they can serve around 45 people.

They offer paleo, vegan and gluten-free choices for breakfast or lunch only. They are working on brunch and dinner menus as well. They have only been open for 6 weeks when I wrote this review.

When you come in you place your order at the counter, take a seat and they bring you your food, with a smile, of course – the servers are really engaging.

Breakfast choices include things like yogurt with fresh fruit, chia and hemp seeds, and gluten-free pancakes with blueberry and pineapple compotes, whipped coconut-cashew butter, maple syrup, and bananas. There are a variety of egg dishes and sides to accompany them. There is also a selection of organic, fair trade coffees and teas available.

Local and organic is the focus.

It’s no wonder when I visited during lunchtime the place was doing brisk business – the food is really good and crowd pleasing. They offer a fish and a tofu poke. A real trend right now. The Chicken Ropa Nueva is a delightful bowl of pulled chicken, black beans, brown rice, avocado in a fermented hot sauce. The Purdy Halloumi comes with a grilled halloumi, beet-tahini burger, roasted green harissa, veggies, hummus, kale, greens and sunflower sprouts, in a charred lemon sauce. You can add a protein like fish, lamb or tofu. The wraps come with an Indian-style pancake dosa. We also tried a side of sweet potato fries with avocado and a cashew gravy that were fantastic.

I was a little dismayed when I found out the only desserts were gluten-free, but you know what – you really don’t notice. We had a slice of banana and sweet potato bread with a ricotta, salted caramel and spiced pecan topping, and the Stoner’s Delight bread, with almond butter, chocolate sauce and caramelized bananas.

Matthew really showcases some very interesting and creative dishes and is a trailblazer in Miami.

To make things easy there is a parking lot right next door. Their slogan with the logo made from yellow neon is above the kitchen – “always choose love”. This is a great philosophy and ideology for a healthy lifestyle. The one thing I am not happy about is that there is only one location, and it is not near me!

For now they are open Monday through Friday, from 7am-11am for breakfast, and noon to three for lunch.
I can’t wait to come here for a healthy dinner.


Happy dining,

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